Nowadays, laptop and computers have been replaced by smartphones, tablets and phablets; and most of the users make searches using their smartphones. As we all know, most of the websites don’t show their whole content if visitors are logging on with a smartphone or tablet. In such scenario, users go back to another website. One should opt for user-friendly responsive web design which could display the whole content whether the visitors are logging on with their laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet, or phablet.

Even Google has reported that more than 46% of searches are made by a smartphone and thus, Google shows responsive websites in search results if users are searching with smartphones or its relatives. The world’s largest search engine itself recommends mobile-optimized websites. Another advantage of responsive website design includes no complexity of URLs. If one is offering computer and smartphone-optimized website separately, there will be multiple URLs of single page and this could take time to come up to par with your rivals or to defeat them.

As we all already know that SEO is the significant part of digital marketing and SEO friendly web design makes itself easier to be managed. Single responsive web design is far easier than managing computer and smartphone-optimized websites separately for SEOs. Since, according to Google, 67% of users claimed that they like to make purchase from mobile-friendly websites; most of the companies are moving from computer-optimized websites to responsive websites.

If you too have a business and want to expand it expeditiously, move your offerings to responsive websites. It will help you to come in Google’s search results where you will be able to generate more traffic.